#AtoZChallenge — B is for Super B’s Eyes

Posted by admin on 2nd April 2013 in Songs

In 1994 I nicknamed my exuberant nephew Bradly Thomas “Super B.” I would regularly return to the homeland Milwaukee to visit my familia while living in the Washington, DC area. The true enthusiasm and joie de vivre that burned in Super B’s eyes fascinated and appealed to me. I treasured the rare moments we spent together. I often gaze at the picture we took during one of my visits and imagine opening up to such unbridled joy.

I wrote the song “Super B’s Eyes” to exhort myself and anyone who hears it to get beyond the heavy load of American 21st century adult and find the life in the moment of Super B’s Eyes. My favorite lyrical snippet:

“Wish I could live in Super B’s Eyes.

Joyously sailing the Seas of Surprise.

Let’s run away, join the Circus of Dreams

Soaring the High wire to the Extreme”


Jobediah & Super B circa 1994.

Jobediah & Super B circa 1994.

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