#AtoZchallenge — E is for EBow

Posted by admin on 5th April 2013 in Techniques

The EBow is a handheld, electric bow that causes your guitar to infinitely sustain notes. I learned how to use the EBow 25 years ago, and now can deftly control one. You need a steady yet nimble touch and you must slide up and down the neck like a cello or violin player. If you run your sound through interesting outboard guitar effect, you can make it sound unlike anything a guitar normally sounds like. You will hear the EBow regularly on my new songs, and it appeared on nearly half of the songs on the compulsives’ 1993 album “Songs for the Numb.”

If you go to the C is for Candle in the Rain post in the #AtoZchallenge from a couple days ago and listen to the MP3 sample, the keyboard/synth sounding melody is not a keyboard, it is me playing the EBow!

The Man playing The EBow.

The Man playing The EBow.

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