#AtoZchallenge — G is for Guitar

Posted by admin on 8th April 2013 in Songs, Techniques

Week 2 of the A to Z Challenge! I love it, it has forced me to get back to writing words regularly.

I love playing the acoustic guitar and writing songs. Practicing, learning more about the scales, chords, and progressions, and seeing what new and interesting tunes develop. I am self-taught, now being improved by DVDs from the late, great Artie Traum.

A dear friend of mine, the gifted singer songwriter from Austin, TX and formerly of Milwaukee, WI, Todd Rusch, once told me that if you can write a compelling song on just an acoustic guitar, it has the potential to be a great song. You can always build up and add on from the sparse arrangement, but if you have to follow a stale formula like m0st of today’s popular music, you will not have anything worth your time and effort when it’s just you and the guitar.

I am rehearsing both a solo show, and recording full arrangements of my new songs. I hope you enjoy them both as you hear them in the weeks and months ahead. Carpe Diem!

The Time of Dreams

The Time of Dreams

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