#AtoZchallenge — O is for “Only Love”

Posted by admin on 17th April 2013 in Inspirational, Songs
There's Only Love

There’s Only Love

In 2010 I lost 2 beloved members of my family. Both died peacefully in my arms as we gazed deeply into each others’ eyes. I saw the abyss as they passed. They still live in my heart. In my grief, I realized that beyond sorrow, beyond sadness, beyond memories… there’s only love.

I wrote the song “Only Love” while I was fingerpicking some new patterns and chords up and down the neck of my acoustic guitar. I came up with a trio of hauntingly beautiful parts that worked wonderfully together. My wife hears me rehearse this song and it moves her to misty eyes and truth shivers. I honor my lost loves with this song.

“And in the end

I miss you my beautiful friend.

You showed me how,

You showed me how to love.

And in the end

I miss you my beautiful friend

There’s Only Love

Only Love.





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