#AtoZchallenge — T is for THIS. living. mAsK.

Posted by admin on 23rd April 2013 in Inspirational

THIS. living. mAsK. started as a lyrical snippet for a song.

“This living mask

is like armor, is like skin.

Grown to block out a cruel world,

now it locks a lonely heart in,”

The image resonated powerfully for me. It essentially summed up how I survived life. Then I realized it is how most people live these days. We are trapped in this sick, dysfunctional, parasitic country.

Unless you actively choose to awaken and transcend. To look inside and radiate a light that cannot be tainted, a love that cannot be smothered, a meaning that cannot be poisoned.

So the simple phrase has become my avatar, my awakening, my rebirth, my freedom.

THIS. living. mAsK.

THIS. living. mAsK.


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