#AtoZchallenge — W is for Wakey-Wakey

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Wakey-Wakey! This is your life calling. Time to take charge of your actions. Wakey-Wakey! This is your body calling. Time to honor God’s gift to you, not abuse it.

Wakey Wakey -- Boy Howdy I did!

Obesity is an American epidemic. It is second only to stupidity in its destructive impact on this country. Why is stupidity number one? Because it is only mass stupidity that willingly and eagerly consumes processed garbage masquerading as food, toxic sickening fast food, poisonous and life-threatening GMO frankenfoods, as well as tons and tons of chemically treated artificial non-food snacks, candies, soft drinks, energy drinks, and desserts.

Wakey Wakey! I lost an anorexic model!

If I can do it, you can do it!

The JingWakening lifestyle is a sane commitment to health in a country ruled by an insane corporate-controlled food-distribution system. NO FAD DIETS! NO QUICK FIX WEIGHT LOSS YOU YO-YO GAIN BACK ALL THE WEIGHT!

I am writing an E-Book with complete details of my system and my successful return to healthy life and healthy weight. But the basics are:

  1. 60 carbs per day.

  2. No processed foods.

  3. No fast foods.

  4. No frankenfoods.

  5. No desserts except within the 60 carbs.

  6. No fried foods.

  7. Lots of green vegetables.

  8. Daily moderate exercise.

  9. Regular Acupuncture.

  10. Daily Chinese Herbal Formulas to boost metabolism and tonify major organs.

  11. Daily whole food nutraceuticals to give your body the nutrients we no longer get from corporate foods.

  12. No synthetic vitamins.

  13. No fad diets.

This can be you, easily, with daily discipline and commitment to your body, your temple. Because I have so dramatically improved my health, I have lifted my depression and now enjoy rehearsing This.Living.Mask. songs 2-4 hours each day. Everything in your life gets better when you live healthy!

100 pounds less of Jobediah J Jingo Jingo (yes he is naked, that's how he rolls.)


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  1. Jessica says:

    Just stopping by from the a-z challenge. Congrats on completing it, yay! And good for you for losing so much weight and living healthy! 🙂

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