#AtoZChallenge — X is for XMAS

Posted by admin on 27th April 2013 in Inspirational

Every day is fracking XMAS when you have an infected molar that becomes a festering abscess! I have now gone one week of intense pain and a haze of pain pill fogginess as I wait for the antibiotics to kill the alien invader so I may have the joy of a root canal (run-on sentence, I don’t care).

Every Day is XMAS

Every Day is XMAS

I can proudly say that despite a week of this abscessed molar joy, I have continued to practice at least 2 hours each night. Even in pain, This.Living.Mask. brings me…

Joyful Jobediah -- Jing Moon Rising!

Joyful Jobediah — It’s XMAS again?!?

It actually calms me and brings the pain down… way cool!


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