#AtoZchallenge — Z is for Zest for Life

Posted by admin on 30th April 2013 in Inspirational

Thanks to overcoming my personal darkness and demons, I have found a Zest for Life I have lacked for many years. I truly look forward to playing my music and working on This.Living.Mask. every day. I have made a commitment to my health and my art in a way I never thought possible. I now live it. I now love it!



I am nervous, I am joyous, and now I truly live the path I shunned for 20 years. With much gratitude and even more attitude, I am now in FULL-ON JINGO mode.

To Begin Again... ...For the First Time.

To Begin Again…
…For the First Time.

And with that I successfully completed the AtoZ

challenge for April of 2013! Viva Jingo!

Carpe Diem!

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