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#AtoZchallenge — U is for Undaunted

Posted by admin on 24th April 2013 in Inspirational, Songs, Techniques

Undaunted: Not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, dickheads, or disappointment (I added dickheads).



For 20 years my darkness, my sorrow, my wounds, my pain, my insecurities held me back. Year upon year of “creative abortions” as my life partner would call the false starts at music and writing.

Now I am undaunted. I rehearse for hours every day. I will not be stopped. I will not sabotage myself. I am UNDAUNTED!

Undaunted too

Undaunted too

#AtoZchallenge — S is for Sacred Songs

Posted by admin on 22nd April 2013 in Inspirational, Songs

I sing my sacred songs.

I have found my voice, literally, after 20 years. because I no longer care if my songs are embraced by the masses. All I want is to play them, sing them, release them… and see what happens.

I do it now for me, to be true to what is inside of me. They are sacred songs of what is truly inside me. It is time to finish my sacred songs. Perhaps you will listen and they will resonate for you.

Sacred Songs

Sacred Songs

#AtoZchallenge — Q is for the Quest

Posted by admin on 19th April 2013 in Inspirational, Songs, Techniques

I am on a quest. It has been 20 years since my band compul$ives album “Songs for the Numb” was released and I flirted with commercial success. Many life lessons since then, and now much healing.

I am on a quest. I am going to polish, record, master and release 25 songs as 3 albums in the next 2 years. I am going to rehearse and publicly perform a compelling live show. I am going to continue to grow as a singer, songwriter, composer, musician and live performer. I am going FULL ON JINGO for the first time EVER!

Stay tuned.

The Quest

The Quest


#AtoZchallenge — O is for “Only Love”

Posted by admin on 17th April 2013 in Inspirational, Songs
There's Only Love

There’s Only Love

In 2010 I lost 2 beloved members of my family. Both died peacefully in my arms as we gazed deeply into each others’ eyes. I saw the abyss as they passed. They still live in my heart. In my grief, I realized that beyond sorrow, beyond sadness, beyond memories… there’s only love.

I wrote the song “Only Love” while I was fingerpicking some new patterns and chords up and down the neck of my acoustic guitar. I came up with a trio of hauntingly beautiful parts that worked wonderfully together. My wife hears me rehearse this song and it moves her to misty eyes and truth shivers. I honor my lost loves with this song.

“And in the end

I miss you my beautiful friend.

You showed me how,

You showed me how to love.

And in the end

I miss you my beautiful friend

There’s Only Love

Only Love.





#AtoZchallenge — “Now’s the Time”

Posted by admin on 16th April 2013 in Inspirational, Social Commentary, Songs

“Now’s the Time” is a newly renovated song with a much improved, more sophisticated arrangement. I originally wrote it in the early 21st century while we were living in the remote regions of SW New Mexico.  It is an anthem championing spirituality and urging the self-entranced masses to wake up and awaken.

Now's the Time

Now’s the Time

Religion is heroin for the ego. It is the false god for the false self. Spirituality is when you look within and connect with your spark of the Divine. If you are a true seeker, Spirituality is the only choice.

“Now’s the time

to look inside.

Now’s the time

to feel alive

to feel alive

to look inside

Now’s the time

Now’s the time.”

#AtoZchallenge — M is for Masks

Posted by admin on 15th April 2013 in Social Commentary, Songs

My entire conscious life I have been surrounded by dysfunction–addiction, liars, narcissists, backstabbers. As such, I learned very early in life the efficacy of wearing masks to deal with abnormal reality passed off as normal.



This Living Mask the song is painfully autobiographical.

“This Living Mask
is like armor
is like skin
grown to block out
a cruel world
now it locks
a lonely heart in.”

Coming soon: a recorded version…


#AtoZchallenge — L is for Let Us Prey

Posted by admin on 13th April 2013 in Social Commentary, Songs

“Let Us Prey” was a song I wrote shortly after I moved to Washington, DC in 1987. The vulgar delusion and vile, corporate despotism of the waning years of the Reagan Administration shocked me beyond belief. Today he would be considered a liberal and this song proves I was prescient.

Songs for the Numb by compulsives

Songs for the Numb by compulsives

It is raw and catchy with its simple 4 chords. I have rewritten the tune to make it more musically mature, while saving the biting social commentary. I play it in my live show for This.Living.Mask.

compul$ives – Songs for the Numb – 13. Let Us Prey (sample)

Speaking of social commentary… Check out the AtoZchallenge L is for Lobbyists post at our other blog:

#AtoZchallenge — I is for “In the World (not of the World)”

Posted by admin on 10th April 2013 in Songs

“In the World (not of the World)” is a hauntingly beautiful song I recently completed and now am beginning to record. It starts with melodic 2-note plucking to the lyrics “My life, is my prayer. With a child’s heart, we must love and care.” And slowly builds to a catchy 4-chord chorus that is quarter-note syncopated.

I will put up a demo version for you to hear as soon as it sounds good enough to expose to discerning ears. Really love playing and singing this song– it captures my existence and honors my spirituality in all things and in every moment.

In the World (not of the World)

In the World (not of the World)

#AtoZchallenge — G is for Guitar

Posted by admin on 8th April 2013 in Songs, Techniques

Week 2 of the A to Z Challenge! I love it, it has forced me to get back to writing words regularly.

I love playing the acoustic guitar and writing songs. Practicing, learning more about the scales, chords, and progressions, and seeing what new and interesting tunes develop. I am self-taught, now being improved by DVDs from the late, great Artie Traum.

A dear friend of mine, the gifted singer songwriter from Austin, TX and formerly of Milwaukee, WI, Todd Rusch, once told me that if you can write a compelling song on just an acoustic guitar, it has the potential to be a great song. You can always build up and add on from the sparse arrangement, but if you have to follow a stale formula like m0st of today’s popular music, you will not have anything worth your time and effort when it’s just you and the guitar.

I am rehearsing both a solo show, and recording full arrangements of my new songs. I hope you enjoy them both as you hear them in the weeks and months ahead. Carpe Diem!

The Time of Dreams

The Time of Dreams

#AtoZchallenge — F is for Full On Fandango

Posted by admin on 6th April 2013 in Songs

“Full On Fandango” is the first full-length album of my original songs to be publicly released in 20 years. Sheeesh! Where does the time go? Actually, that 20 years was flushed down da crappah, but I had my reasons.

I am in the zone now. Better than ever before, actually. I have 22 new finished songs ready to record. 8 of them will make up the sequenced playlist for “Full On Fandango.” I know “Angel Mine,” “This Living Mask,” “Dying to Be (Mr Normal Dying),” “Drowning in the Shallow End,” and “The Art of Blue Living” are going to be on it. The others are yet to be determined. I am more excited about my music than I have been in 20 fokking years!  Eeeeyyy!

This is how I envision the cover. This is ONLY a mockup.

Full On Fandango Album Cover Mockup
Full On Fandango Album Cover Mockup

Full On Fandango Album Cover Mockup