#AtoZchallenge — Q is for the Quest

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I am on a quest. It has been 20 years since my band compul$ives album “Songs for the Numb” was released and I flirted with commercial success. Many life lessons since then, and now much healing.

I am on a quest. I am going to polish, record, master and release 25 songs as 3 albums in the next 2 years. I am going to rehearse and publicly perform a compelling live show. I am going to continue to grow as a singer, songwriter, composer, musician and live performer. I am going FULL ON JINGO for the first time EVER!

Stay tuned.

The Quest

The Quest


#AtoZchallenge — P is for Play Every Day

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The only way to get to a professional level is to PLAY EVERY DAY! 

I rehearse my songs and practice 2-4 hours EVERY DAY!


play every day



Guess what I am doing right now?


#AtoZchallenge — O is for “Only Love”

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There's Only Love

There’s Only Love

In 2010 I lost 2 beloved members of my family. Both died peacefully in my arms as we gazed deeply into each others’ eyes. I saw the abyss as they passed. They still live in my heart. In my grief, I realized that beyond sorrow, beyond sadness, beyond memories… there’s only love.

I wrote the song “Only Love” while I was fingerpicking some new patterns and chords up and down the neck of my acoustic guitar. I came up with a trio of hauntingly beautiful parts that worked wonderfully together. My wife hears me rehearse this song and it moves her to misty eyes and truth shivers. I honor my lost loves with this song.

“And in the end

I miss you my beautiful friend.

You showed me how,

You showed me how to love.

And in the end

I miss you my beautiful friend

There’s Only Love

Only Love.





#AtoZchallenge — “Now’s the Time”

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“Now’s the Time” is a newly renovated song with a much improved, more sophisticated arrangement. I originally wrote it in the early 21st century while we were living in the remote regions of SW New Mexico.  It is an anthem championing spirituality and urging the self-entranced masses to wake up and awaken.

Now's the Time

Now’s the Time

Religion is heroin for the ego. It is the false god for the false self. Spirituality is when you look within and connect with your spark of the Divine. If you are a true seeker, Spirituality is the only choice.

“Now’s the time

to look inside.

Now’s the time

to feel alive

to feel alive

to look inside

Now’s the time

Now’s the time.”

#AtoZchallenge — M is for Masks

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My entire conscious life I have been surrounded by dysfunction–addiction, liars, narcissists, backstabbers. As such, I learned very early in life the efficacy of wearing masks to deal with abnormal reality passed off as normal.



This Living Mask the song is painfully autobiographical.

“This Living Mask
is like armor
is like skin
grown to block out
a cruel world
now it locks
a lonely heart in.”

Coming soon: a recorded version…


#AtoZchallenge — L is for Let Us Prey

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“Let Us Prey” was a song I wrote shortly after I moved to Washington, DC in 1987. The vulgar delusion and vile, corporate despotism of the waning years of the Reagan Administration shocked me beyond belief. Today he would be considered a liberal and this song proves I was prescient.

Songs for the Numb by compulsives

Songs for the Numb by compulsives

It is raw and catchy with its simple 4 chords. I have rewritten the tune to make it more musically mature, while saving the biting social commentary. I play it in my live show for This.Living.Mask.

compul$ives – Songs for the Numb – 13. Let Us Prey (sample)

Speaking of social commentary… Check out the AtoZchallenge L is for Lobbyists post at our other blog: www.progressivehusky.com

AtoZchallenge — K is for Kick in the Arse

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On August 13th, 2011, at 10:18pm the Universe gave me a swift Kick in the Arse. I plummeted literally and figuratively into the darkness. I fell 15 feet and snapped my right wrist among other serious injuries. I had a comminuted fracture–the radius bone snapped and the head of the bone was broken into several pieces. I was rushed to a nearby hospital and orthopedic surgery was performed the next morning to rebuild my wrist. Everything was going wrong in my life at that point: floundering acupuncture practice, morbid obesity, failed start after failed start for my music, years of depression.

Look at this happy camper!

Happy & Healthy... NOT!

Happy & Healthy… NOT!

I felt like giving up. I felt like it was the final kick in the balls, not in the arse. Then I realized this life is a gift, and if you want the present, make it your present. I used my Oriental Medicine training to heal a 9-12 month bone injury in 3 1/2 months. It literally blew my orthopedic surgeon’s mind. Even though it was incredibly painful, I started rehabbing my wrist by practicing guitar again. I sucked but I would not give up.

Then, in April 2012, I had a deeper epiphany–time to heal body, mind, and spirit. I began the JingWakening. As I practiced guitar and songs 2-3 hours each night. I strictly lived a healthy life style. I have lost 103 pounds in the past year!

Check out my acupuncture blog for how I did it.

100 pounds less of Jobediah J Jingo

100 pounds less of Jobediah J Jingo

And now I am healthier, happier, and more alive than I have been in 20 years! I thank the Universe for the gift of a Kick in the Arse!

Joyful Jobediah -- Jing Moon Rising!

Joyful Jobediah — Jing Moon Rising!

#AtoZchallenge — J is for Joy

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When you practice for months and months straight, sometimes you forget to check your progress. Last night I played a mini-unplugged c0ncert of 10 songs in a row. While I am still rough around the edges, I am definitely returning to professional performance quality.  I felt so joyful and elated that I stayed awake for 2 hours in bed, replaying the performance in my mind and mapping out improvements and such to begin playing shows in the near future.

I am truly grateful to MotherFatherGod for the gift of Joy!

Joyful Jobediah -- Jing Moon Rising!

Joyful Jobediah — Jing Moon Rising!

#AtoZchallenge — I is for “In the World (not of the World)”

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“In the World (not of the World)” is a hauntingly beautiful song I recently completed and now am beginning to record. It starts with melodic 2-note plucking to the lyrics “My life, is my prayer. With a child’s heart, we must love and care.” And slowly builds to a catchy 4-chord chorus that is quarter-note syncopated.

I will put up a demo version for you to hear as soon as it sounds good enough to expose to discerning ears. Really love playing and singing this song– it captures my existence and honors my spirituality in all things and in every moment.

In the World (not of the World)

In the World (not of the World)

#AtoZchallenge — H is for Harmony

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Harmony makes music infinitely more beautiful. I love singing the songs I write and I truly enjoy adding harmony parts as I record. It really makes a good act great when you can play and sing sweet harmonies on top of the music. You will hear many harmonies woven into the music of This. Living. Mask. in the days ahead.

Harmony in all its splendor
Harmony in all its splendor

Harmony in all its splendor

To quote Elton John: “harmony and me… we’re pretty good company…”